InnerDialogue Facilitation

Developing your inner houseā€¦ Providing tools for the human journey coaching, personal growth, practitioner workshops and retreats and private consultations providing an ontological approach.

Poem by Solihin Thom, Founder of InnerDialogue

this is an art
a dialogue
you have acquired;
a way of communication
to enter the deep,
within the essence
of the other,
the ability to enquire
to nudge, shake and dislodge
the depths,
to plough
revealing treasures,
gifts, locked boxes
mysterious secrets
never before unearthed,
nor voiced
or dreamed of,
familial patterns
dark and forgotten modes
unprecedented moments
long hidden
as resources
are uncovered,
pulled from the earth’s depths
a genome bursting with promise
a lamp begun to be polished
through the practice of worship
via the humbled thinker,
and paused reactivity
in balance and quiet,
allowing silence to enter;
bringing forth
communication from the One
by stepping into the Light
the ‘dua’, supplication
into Remembrance,
as the Inner heart
with the rhythm
of Life.