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Insulating your home under the NEW Home Performance Program Discounts of $850 – $2,250 on Home Improvements!

Contact Neale Thompson at 608-449-4376 or email him at janevtribe@charter.net for more information!

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“Specializing in improvements that pay for themselves”



  • Discounts of $850 – $2,250 on energy improvements with NEW Home Performance Program!
  • Green Insulation & Air Sealing
  • Assessment of your home for solar energy potential
  • Installations for solar energy at your home or business
  • Rainwater Systems
  • Deep Energy Retrofits
  • Micro-hydro energy services
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Janesville Home & Solar Specializes in Insulation, Rainwater and Solar Energy!

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“One-stop shop for comfort, safety, and efficiency. Air sealing, Green Insulation, Solar Energy and now Rain Water Systems. Located in and serving southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, USA”


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“Saving the Planet One House at a Time”

Solar Energy works in Wisconsin and Illinois, no matter what anyone tells you.  Panels on a roof or array capture energy from the sun and provide heat or electricity via a solar system to your home or business.

It is up to you to decide to invest for the future of energy independence and your personal savings.   The Federal 30% Tax Credit also applies to solar electric and solar thermal systems.   There is a long- term payback for solar electric systems of twenty-something-years in most cases.  Solar hot water offers a definite financial payback within 8-12 years.


Dear Neale,

I was so fortunate to have you and Steve to do this Weatherization, and to have someone you can trust to do a good job and not just out to make a “quick” buck.

Kathy Foss